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Registration for NJIO's 16th annual Young Artist Concerto Competition for 2024 is now closed.
Email with any questions

Each spring the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra holds its Young Artist Concerto Competition to select soloists for the following season. The competition is open to pianists and instrumental soloists in their junior year of high school and younger. Winners will perform with NJIO during the following season. A monetary award will be presented to the winners. 

Registration for the next Young Artist Concerto Competition is now closed. Email us at with any questions. 

Previous Young Artist Winners

2023- Elie Kuan, cello (1st.)

2022- Semin Chun, violin (1st.)
         Chloe Lau, harp (2nd.)
2021- Cadee Lee, clarinet (1st.)

2020- Covid Cancelation

2019- Dylan Hamme, violin (1st.)
2018- Bethany Bobbs, cello (1st.)
         Na Yoon Koh,  cello  (2nd.)
2017- Daniel Seog, violin
  (1st.)               Eilene Lee, violin (2nd.)
2016- Angela Zhou, piano (1st.)
         Sea Yoon, Violin (2nd.)
2015- Alyssa Kim, violin (1st.)
         Heechan Ku, cello (2nd.)
2014- Elizabeth Hendy, violin (1st.)
         Serena Huang, flute (2nd.)
2013- Zachary Mowitz, cello (1st.)
         Albert Cao, violin (2nd.)
2012- Noel Kim, violin (1st)
         Soyeong Park, violin (2nd.)
2011- Jessica Hone, cello (1st)
        NaYoung Yang, violin, (2nd.)
2010- Sophia Bacelar, cello (1st.)
         Alex Wang, violin (2nd.)

2009- Allegra Whiting (1st.)

           Yuji Sugimoto (2nd.)

2008- Lucia Nowik (1st.)

          Mariko Takashima (2nd.)


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