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All members of NJIO accept the NJIO Member Agreement when they register. 

NJIO Member Agreement 

Registering in one of NJIO's programs indicates your acceptance of the following:

I agree to abide by the rules established for the program and to demonstrate respectful classroom behavior.


Unless I notify you in writing, I hereby grant and give NJIO the right to use my or my child’s photograph or image (without a name) both singly and with other persons or objects for NJIO presentations, advertising, publicity and promotional purposes which may be displayed on television, film, video, visual, electronic, or printed media.


Release of Liability and Indemnity: As consideration for my (and/or my child’s) participation in activities of NJIO which I understand may entail risks such as contracting illnesses or communicable diseases (including Covid) and possible injury to persons or property at rehearsals, performances, NJIO events and functions, and travel to and from same (collectively without limitation “NJIO Activities”). I hereby release and discharge NJIO, and its successors, and assigns, its Trustees, officers, agents, and volunteer workers as well as our landlord at 36 Chatham Road in Summit, NJ and its successors, and assigns, its Trustees, officers, agents, (collectively the “Released Parties”) from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damage that I (he/she) may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of my (their/our) participation in NJIO Activities.


  • A professional, friendly, and respectful attitude is expected from all. 

  • Proper attention should be paid to the conductor and Section Leaders during rehearsals.  

  • Members should practice their music at home and arrive on time and ready for rehearsal each week. Members are expected to participate in a majority of rehearsals in order to play in a concert.

  • The Artistic Director reserves the right to determine or change ensemble placement for any member at their discretion.

  • The Ensemble Conductor or Section Leader will make a determination as to which parts are played by which members.  There will be times when not all members will be able to participate in every piece.

  • If there are specific concerns about the orchestra or the ensemble, please address these to Mary Beth Sweet or the Ensemble Conductor by email and an appropriate follow-up will be provided. Other than basic information requests, we are not able to process comments and concerns on rehearsal nights. 

  • Please notify Mary Beth Sweet of scheduling conflicts for rehearsals or concerts as soon as possible so that we can create a plan that allows you to participate while also ensuring we have coverage for parts. 

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