• A professional, friendly, and respectful attitude is expected from all. 

  • Proper attention should be paid to the conductor and Section Leaders during rehearsals.  

  • Members should practice their music at home and arrive on time and ready for rehearsal each week.

  • The Artistic Director reserves the right to determine or change ensemble placement for any member at thier discretion.

  • The Ensemble Conductor or Section Leader will make a determination as to which parts are played by which members.  There will be times when not all members will be able to participate in every piece.

  • If there are specific concerns about the orchestra or the ensemble, please address these to Michelle Tolentino or the Ensemble Conductor by email and an appropriate follow-up will be provided.  Other than basic information requests, we are not able to process comments and concerns on rehearsal nights. 

  • Please notify Michelle Tolentino of scheduling conflicts for rehearsals or concerts as soon as possible so that we can create a plan that allows you to participate while also ensuring we have coverage for parts.