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Anyone can learn music at any age! And at NJIO, we have proof. We also have a welcoming, non-competitive environment to help you reach your goals. 

Meet some of our members

Tom Williams. 

Viola: Started age 57

Horn: Started age 60

NJIO adult learner on french horn
NJIO Member- adult learner on viola

Trombone: Started age 62

NJIO Adult Learner on trombone
njio adult learner on electric guitar!

Nick Mayer

"I started playing guitar in 2021. As someone who loves pop and rock music, I've always wished I could play the guitar but shied away from it because the learning curve seemed so steep at the beginning (those calluses!) In January 2021, my wife took a "guitar for music educators" course online. Listening to her practice, I was inspired by how 

quickly she was making progress. I borrowed an instrument for a friend and started practicing and found that with a little dedication, I was able to get over that initial hump pretty quickly. Soon after, I found this Fender Telecaster and now it's my primary guitar."

NJIO adult learner on violin

Gibert Leeds:  "I never played any instrument or even knew how to read music until I was 40 when I picked up the violin.  I’ve been playing for more than 30 years.  By the time I’m 90 or so I’ll be passably good."

NJIO adult learners on viola and cello

Michel and Sylvie Mesnier

"Michel started learning the cello at 60 yrs old and has been playing for about 5 years.

I, Sylvie started playing the Viola 4 years ago, at age 60 as well.

We had never played an instrument as children, but it was always a dream.

I play (badly) the piano that I started at 50 yrs old, but when we discovered NJIO, it was a revelation and I started learning a string instrument to participate in this great community.

We love it!"

NJIO adult learner on bassoon

Cecilia Sweeney.

"I played the clarinet when I was 12 but stopped after high school.

I picked up the bassoon around the age of 68."

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