Our conductors

Warren Cohen 

Artistic Director

Conductor, Symphony Orchestra

Brian McGowan 

Conductor, Intermezzo Orchestra

Elizabeth Maliszewski

Conductor, Prelude Ensemble

Michelle Hatcher

Conductor, Outreach Ensemble

Our coaching staff


Sue On

Symphony Concertmaster 

Rob Anderson

Intermezzo Concertmaster 

Vincent Novellino

Symphony, Violin II 

Beth Maliszewski 

Intermezzo, Violin II 

Graham Cohen

Symphony and Intermezzo, Viola

Martin Steinberg

Symphony, Cello 

Woodwinds and Brass

Robert Wagner

Symphony, Woodwinds 

Tom Kamp

Symphony, Brass 

Megan Sweet

Intermezzo, Cello 


Adrianne Ostrander

Symphony and Intermezzo,


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Mailing Address: 

570 Central Avenue

New Providence, NJ 07974