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General Information

Rehearsal and Concert Schedule


Rehearsals will take place on Thursday evenings and will be held at 36 Chatham Road in Summit, NJ. (please make note that there is a Short Hills address with the same street and number.)

* Please bring a music stand. *

Parking:   There is plenty of parking on the street as well as a small lot that you can reach by turning into the driveway.  If you park in the street there is a sidewalk to take you to the back entrance.

Entering the building:  Our entrance to the building is in the back. The large glass doors will remain locked at all times. We typically have someone stationed at the door but if no one is there, ring the doorbell to the right and someone will open the door.



Concert Dress: all black. Skirts must be below the knee and sleeves must be below the elbow. If you are the parent of a youth member start looking for black clothing early because it can be difficult to find. 

On concert day we do a soundcheck/ mini dress rehearsal.  Although the concert may start at 3pm (or 2 pm) we will ask you to arrive much earlier. We usually ask for noon or 1pm arrival. This gives us a chance to have all of the ensembles up on stage, review the music, and practice stage transitions. Please be prepared for an earlier start on concert day. 


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