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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to audition?

NJIO does not hold auditions. String players can select which ensemble(s) they would like to join. We have three different ensembles and encourage members to participate in all of them!

All winds and brass are welcome to join Intermezzo.

Winds and brass who are interested in joining Symphony should contact the program director about availability and placement.

What should I do before the first rehearsal to prepare?

The first few rehearsals are geared towards learning the music. We generally take slower tempos and often stop to work out some difficulties. NJIO rehearsals are educational in nature. Each section has an artistic staff member who will offer guidance and help during rehearsals and sectionals. 

You can prepare by having your music printed and put in a three-ring black binder. 
It could be helpful to listen to some recordings of the music. (you can often find them on youtube).

For rehearsals, you will need to bring a music stand. It is also helpful to have a pencil. 

I would like to join but I can't make it to rehearsal on time. Can I still participate?

Generally speaking, yes. If your work/school schedule causes you to be 10-15 minutes late, you can still participate. Please let us know of this conflict in advance. 

What is the attendance policy?

NJIO has a flexible attendance policy.  Each concert has about 8 rehearsals. If you are going to miss more than 3 rehearsals please let the program director know. For soloing instruments in Symphony (winds, brass, percussion) the attendance requirements are more specific. 

If I can't make a concert, can I still come to rehearsals?

Yes! You are welcome to attend rehearsals. If you can not make a concert please let us know asap so that we can plan for any coverage that might be needed.

What happens on concert day?

Our concerts are held at different venues. Concerts generally start at 3pm. However, we ask our members to arrive much earlier. On the day of the concert, we do a sound check and a mini dress rehearsal for stage logistics and transitions. We typically ask members to arrive around 11 am on concert day. 

Dress is all black- no tie. Skirts must be below the knees, sleeves must be below the elbows. Parents of youth members should start looking for black clothing sooner than later. Sometimes black clothing for children is more available in the fall and winter. 

Each venue will have a different set of instructions (for parking, if you need a stand or not, etc) These instructions will be sent out as the concert approaches. 

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