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NJIO 2020-2021 Season

March 15, 2021 Update


What NJIO Has Done This Season 

NJIO began its regular season programming in September, 2020 with a series of virtual rehearsals culminating in NJIO’s first ever virtual concert in December 2020.  Members of Prelude, Intermezzo, and Symphony first learned how to play to a click track and then recorded and submitted their part.  Michelle Tolentino gathered all of the parts, edited them as necessary and put them together into the Virtual concert which is available on this Website. 


In January, NJIO began its Winter virtual programming with a mix of rehearsals focused on music for the Spring Concert, skills classes for instrument sections focused on fundamentals of playing, and two guest appearances.  Timothy Myers did a fascinating presentation on Body Mapping for musicians and Toby Appel, an instructor at Juilliard, spoke on the subject of preparation in all aspects of our musical lives – practicing, rehearsal, and performance. 


What’s Coming Up for the Spring 

NJIO will transition during the course of the Spring season to a combination of virtual sectional rehearsals and smaller group live rehearsals outdoors (weather permitting).   The live outdoor rehearsals will also be made available virtually to members who cannot attend. 


In June, NJIO intends to produce a Live Concert featuring Prelude, Intermezzo Strings, Intermezzo Winds/Brass/Percussion, Symphony Strings, and Symphony Winds/Brass/Percussion.  The venue is not yet finalized but the concert will be Live Streamed and recorded for rebroadcast.  



  • Artistic Director Warren Cohen, presented a two-part Webinar, titled the Cult of Conducting, in October.  This Webinar was free and open to the public. 


  • NJIO is planning another two- part Webinar, “How to Listen to music of the Classical Era” and “How to Listen to 20th Century Music”, a guide to Musical Enjoyment. These will take place on April 14 and April 28. Participants are welcome to register for a single class or for both classes in the series. This webinar will be presented by Artistic Director, Warren Cohen.  



Due to limitations on the number of people that can meet together for rehearsals in the Spring, we have limited availability for new members.  Prelude Ensemble, which meets at 4:30 on Mondays, does have space available.   Intermezzo and Symphony sections have limited availability but anyone interested should inquire as the situation is fluid and changes from time to time.     


Please contact if you have an interest in participating in the Spring season. 


A Look Ahead to Next Season 

Summer programs will begin in July and August.  See the section on Summer Programs on the Home page for further information. 


NJIO is making plans to return to its regular season programming in September 2021, subject to any applicable Covid restrictions. NJIO’s season typically consists of 27 Monday afternoon/evening rehearsals in our New Providence facility and 4 community concerts held between November and May.  Please check the NJIO website over the summer for more information or submit a contact email and we will keep you informed as soon as details are announced. 

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