Intermezzo Orchestra is designed to allow players a more detailed rehearsal schedule in shorter works from the Symphonic or Educational repertoire to practice the skills required to be an effective orchestral musician. Although designed with intermediate players in mind, it is an effective tool for more advanced  players as well. 

Symphony plays works from the standard (and occasionally non-standard) repertoire for Symphony Orchestra, including many of the Symphonies, Overtures,

 and Tone poems that we know from the 19th and early 20th repertoire. Every season we also program some Concertos with soloists. The rehearsal schedule allows sufficient time to develop and practice the skills required in this repertoire for intermediate to advanced players.


Maybe there should be something that says "Artistic Vision of NJIO?"


The Artistic vision of NJIO  involves allowing musicians at all levels of skill, experience, and age the possibility to participate in making music. More experienced and skilled players perform alongside those with less experience, and less experienced players are encouraged to challenge themselves to study, rehearse and play at higher levels as well. NJIO does not fit neatly into the category of a community orchestra or an educational institution, but it has characteristics of both. The emphasis is at least in part on learning through doing for less experienced players and learning through modeling and teaching for those who play at high amateur or professional level. In Symphony, it also offers the more experienced players a chance to play great repertoire, while encouraging those less experienced  to be part of the wonderful envelope of sound created by a Symphony Orchestra.