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Welcome to 36 Chatham Road, Summit, NJ.

This is a Kosher building. If you intend to bring food please contact for specific instructions.

All musicians must bring a music stand. 

1. Don't go to Short Hills.  Sometimes google maps will connect to a Short Hills address. Make sure it's Summit. 

2. Look for our signs. The entrance to the building is in the back. 

3. Parking: There are about 45 parking spots in the back lot. There is also plenty of street parking. If you would like a handicap space reserved please email for arrangements. 

4. The doors will be locked: This facility keeps its doors locked at all times. Most likely there will be someone there to open the door as you approach. If there is no one at the door, please ring the doorbell located to the right of the door. I can unlock the door with my phone, it may take a few seconds. You will hear a "click" and can then open the door on the left. 

After you hear the click, open this door.

This Doorbell

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