All Kean University attendance and class behavior policies will be unheld in Kean-NJIO Orchestra

Communication regarding this class can be addressed to the NJIO program director, Michelle Tolentino.

Policy and Requirements for Kean music majors,  non music majors, and community members

Kean students will register through Kean University for Orchestra mus 3850 for 1 credit

At this time we are accepting musicians who play violin, viola, cello, and bass.

Age requirement: High school students and adults.

Musicians who register for the Kean-NJIO Orchestra agree to attend rehearsals regularly.  Two absences are permitted each semester. Three or more absences will be considered under special circumstances but must be discussed with the program director in advance. 

If you need to miss a rehearsal or are running late, please let the program director know as soon as possible.

Concert participation. For concerts, all musicians will dress in black clothing. If wearing a dress or skirt, the length must be below the knee. Sleeves of tops must be below the elbow. 

Punctuality is importantl for concert day. Please arrive with enough time to find parking and unpack to be in your seat at the designated sound check time.