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Covid Protocols

NJIO Healthy Rehearsals


As we start the year 2023, we want all of our NJIO members to feel comfortable coming to NJIO rehearsals in light of the various health risks that are especially acute in the winter months. NJIO is a community of all ages and we do know that our membership includes an older population and those with a higher risk for severe illness from Covid, RSV, or other contagious diseases such as the flu. NJIO’s approach to health issues is generally to follow CDC recommendations and any state or local guidelines.


For Covid, CDC recommendations are based on the Community Level risk at any given time. For the past several weeks, Union County and surrounding counties have been at a High Community Level according to the CDC. CDC’s recommendations for High Community Level include the following: Wear a mask Indoors in public; Stay up to date with Covid-19 vaccines; Get tested if you have symptoms; Stay home if you have suspected or confirmed Covid-19.


We know that our friends at the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra have adopted even stricter protocols to keep their musicians safe including mandatory masking.


In an effort to keep our members healthy, NJIO has adopted the following guidelines for attendance at rehearsals while Union County and surrounding areas are at a High Community Level:


· We recommend that everyone attending rehearsal wear a mask; those with a need to remove the mask while playing (typically winds and brass) or conducting can do so. We will provide a mask if you leave yours at home.

· We recommend that everyone stay up to date with vaccines.

· Get tested if you have symptoms of Covid.

· Stay home if you have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid and follow CDC recommendations for isolation or quarantine

· If you have tested positive for Covid, we would ask you to wait for 10 days before returning to rehearsals.

· Stay home if you have any illness with symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever, persistent headache, etc. that would indicate you might be contagious whether you have a negative Covid test or not.


NJIO appreciates everyone doing their part to keep NJIO members safe while playing together.

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