Fall Concert: November 6

Crescent Ave. Presbyterian Church
716 Watchung Ave. Plainfield, NJ

Concert Day is a big event! We arrive early and use that time to work out stage logistics, transitions and sound check.

Dress: all black, no tie needed,  long sleeves, nothing above the knee.

Youth Members: if you can not find black clothing please wear navy blue or dark grey. 

Bring your music stand!

Please follow the time/unpacking instructions for the earliest group you are in. 

Families of members (who drove in together) may sit quietly in the church during sound check. For all other guests, please encourage people to arrive no earlier than 2:40. The space will be used for rehearsal/set up until that time and will not be open to the public. 

Sound Check/ Stage Transitions

Please be in the building at the following times. You may arrive earlier.  When you arrive, please unpack and wait in the pews of the church for instruction. The coaches will be on stage for each ensemble. (Do not be worried if you see your coach on stage, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should be there too!) If you need help with your instrument, your coach will be available in between ensembles.

While soundcheck is happening, please keep talking to a quiet minimum. :) 

Intermezzo:  Arrive at 1:00.    Go on stage,  ready to play at 1:10

Symphony:  Arrive at 1:15.      Sit in the pews with instrument/stand/music at 1:25, wait for stage call.

Prelude:  Arrive at 2pm.          Unpack in church, wait for stage call

Seating and Unpacking:

All youth members (under 18) for all ensembles should unpack in the church area.

All musicians should be in the church area during sound check.

Prelude: All prelude members- please unpack and stay in the church area. Keep your cases in the church.

Intermezzo and Symphony:

Strings: You may unpack in the large assembly room and leave your cases there. Once unpacked, please move to the church with your instrument, stand, music etc.

Winds/Brass : You have the option to unpack on stage or in the assembly room. Winds: If you unpack on stage, your case may be placed under your chair while playing. Brass: If you unpack on stage, your case may be placed on the elevated/alter area.

*Please note. The chairs will be rearranged to accommodate the different ensembles. If you play in multiple ensembles your seat location will likely change from one ensemble to the next. This is true for strings, winds, and brass. For this reason please do not leave anything at your seat when you are not on stage. (Bassoons who play in both intermezzo and symphony may leave their instrument in a secure location on stage. Brass may leave their instrument on the alter area, placed to the side) *


Please do not go on the stage area until instructed to do so. This stage requires a specific setup and traffic flow for each ensemble.


There are two parking lots and also street parking. It is preferred that members use the back lot (see map picture). Street parking and the closer lot are reserved for people with ambulation difficulty and audience members. The back lot has a long pathway to the church. The path is uneven (see picture below). Please use your best judgment for parking. 

Long Day:

The concert day is a long day. Please be sure to eat something before you arrive. You may also bring a small snack/drink. Please pack light and leave all valuables at home or in your car. Label your stand and case. I do not have their wifi password.  

Concert Performance Order:

(this is different from sound check order, please note that symphony will go on stage after intermission)

(There are several announcements during the first half in between the groups.)


Intermezzo  (intermezzo members will sit in the church in reserved seats during Prelude- not backstage)


Symphony Concerto

Symphony Blumenfeld

(bring your music stand)

Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.35.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.35.39 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.35.20 AM.png